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State of the Lake Report

Loon Survey

Loon Survey

Invasive Aquatic Species Monitoring
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There's something very Canadian in listening to the haunting call of the Loon.  Besides music to our ears, the Loon also provides a very good gauge of the water quality of the lake.  No Loons...?  Not Good!   So, keeping track of the Loon population is a good way to supplement and corroborate water quality assessments from other projects.

For many years now, the MLA has been conducting an annual count of the Loon population on the lake.  This project aims at improving our methods and volunteer participation, and compiling a more thorough account of populations, habitats, and behavior. For a brief history of the Loon Survey on Mississippi Lake have a look at this article.


See the latest report here:

2020 Report

Fish Habitat Creation
Loon Survey

Fish Habitat Creation

In addition to aquatic vegetation and natural objects (ledges, rocks, etc.) in the lake, which provide suitable habitats for fish, the MLA is working at creating artificial habitats to place in the lake.  These are akin to the artificial reefs that have been created in ocean coastal waters, and which have proven to be tremendously successful in supporting and increasing fish populations.

Past Projects

  • Invasive Aquatic Species Monitoring

  • Invasive Aquatic Species Monitoring Frogbit Extraction

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  • Loon Survey

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  • Fish Habitat Creation

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  • Ecological Modelling

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  • Western Chorus Frog Survey

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  • Microplastic Survey

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