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Living by the Lake

The proximity and the scale of human development to this natural environment challenges us to find a balance between our desire to experience the natural beauty of the lake and its fragile ecosystem. When we make our homes next to the lake, we need to be conscious of how we design and build them. We need to understand that everything we use and apply on our properties, is eventually washed into the lake with rain and snow runoff.

When we build or renovate, our local municipalities, in consultation with the Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority will review our plans and approve or recommend changes. The standards imposed are there to protect the environment and to ensure the safety of the residents in the flood plain which presents unique planning challenges. A happy overall benefit is that this process protects our property values by preventing development or abuse that would negatively impact the lake. Before undertaking any work around the shore, or to make inquiries, these are the key agencies and authorities to contact:


Read the MVCA Policy Document; then

Contact the Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority (MVC) for intial guidance; and

Contact the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) if your project involves in-water construction.

Agencies to contact for shoreline and upland work: (URL???)

Agency Contact Information: (URL???)