Membership regulations for the MLA are specified in general in the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act (CNCA) and in the Association's By-law. Up until recently, however, the MLA did not have a written policy relating to membership.

The Board of Directors completed a review of membership practices, and has developed a written policy to better inform Members regarding the rights and benefits of membership.  This policy complies with the MLA's new By-law, passed by a Special Resolution of the Members at the 2017 AGM on 18 May 2017.

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As of March 2019, we have 487 registered members.  We are continuing to work hard to increase our numbers even further.  Your support to the Association by becoming a member would be greatly appreciated.  If you are already a member,  thank you very much indeed.  The MLA exists to represent your interests in keeping the lake a safe and enjoyable place to work, play, and live. 


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How to receive information from the MLA

As an MLA Member, you should be receiving important notices regarding membership benefits and activities.  These include Annual General Meeting notification (date, location, agenda), proposed Resolutions for adoption at Members' meetings, Financial Statements, and the proposed Budget for the next fiscal year.  By far the most effective method of sending this information to you is by email.

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The MLA has been using MailChimp very successfully as a professional email service since 2015 to ensure that your personal contact information is safeguarded.  The MLA does not share this information, and MailChimp has very strict rules regarding email and spam.  So, please rest assured that your contact information is safe with us.