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Hillcroft Estates Subdivision Draft Plan Approval

If you are following development plans that can affect the Missipssipi Lake and its watershed you might be interested in the draft approval for the planned Hillcroft Estates Subdivision located off 9th Line in Beckwith close to Moonlight Bay.

Hillcroft Estates Subdivision Lots 2 and 3, Concession 8, Township of Beckwith, County of Lanark File No.: 09-T-20003

Pursuant to subsection 51(31) of the Planning Act, the above noted draft plan of subdivision was approved by Lanark County on May 10, 2023 subject to conditions listed in Attachment “A”. Unless otherwise noted, these conditions must be fulfilled prior to final approval of the plan.


The last date for filing a notice of appeal to the Ontario Land Tribunal in relation to this decision is June 1, 2023. A notice of appeal must be filed with the County Planner of Lanark County, must set out the reasons for the appeal, and must be accompanied by the appropriate filing fee, payable to the “Minister of Finance”. If you wish to appeal to the Ontario Land Tribunal, the appeal must be submitted on the “Appellant Form (A1)” which is available from the Environment and Land Tribunals Ontario website at

Check Here for all the details of this draft planning approval or download it from the link below.

09-T-20003 FINAL Notice of Decision May 2023
Download PDF • 241KB

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