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Latest News on Safe Roads Initiative.

Report submitted by Chris Winter - MLA Roads Team Chair

We would like to keep you informed on our progress with the MVCA study on the Safe Roads Access program. Graham Whitelaw (MLA Municipal Relations Chair) and myself (Chris Winter) had another meeting last week with the two key people at the MVCA reviewing the complete Mississippi Watershed flood control program.


During this second meeting on December 1st, the MVCA demonstrated their draft detailed mapping system of all the roads around Mississippi lake that likely would be deemed unsafe. The map was so detailed that it even shows which section of these roads are at risk. 


Since this is only draft mapping information, the MVCA are going to do an additional geodetic land survey to confirm the lidar data used to show these sections of road. A team of surveyors will measure most of the affected road sections to confirm this new map data before the end of this year.  


In conjunction with these new measurements, the MLA will be sending all the road associations a questionnaire to help validate the MVCA data. The MVCA will then use the survey results to further review the accuracy of their new map. 


The MLA hopes to provide you with this survey in early January 2024. We look forward to your participation.


Once the MLA is satisfied that we have an accurate picture of our lake, then we will share the map with all R/A survey respondents. This map will then be used to plan a mitigation program where it is necessary. This necessity will be determined by additional feedback from all the stakeholders, including emergency and public services that are willing to contribute. 

For more info you can contact Chris at

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