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Meet our "new" Lake Steward

Melissa Dakers

You may recognize our “new” Lake Steward as Melissa Dakers who was a very active Director of the Mississippi Lakes Association from 2006 to 2018 as the Water Quality & Lake Steward. Mel was also an enthusiastic member of the Mississippi Lake Plan Committee, where she lent her expertise to the completion of the Mississippi Lake Plan and was an active co-chair and member of the Environment Committee. Mel and her husband moved to Mississippi Lake in 2002, where they have raised their two boys on the shores of Ebbs Bay. The MLA is excited to have her back!

With over 25 years of experience in water quality monitoring, lake stewardship, and habitat restoration, Melissa is currently the Habitat and Stewardship Program Manager at Watersheds Canada. Mel coordinates the Fish Habitat Restoration Program, the Love Your Lake Shoreline Assessment Program as well as the Lake Links Planning Committee, where she empowers lake communities through restoration projects and stewardship education, helping to protect and enhance Canada's freshwater ecosystems.

A Bit More About Watersheds Canada…

Every Shoreline Matters. Every Action Counts. Watersheds is a non-profit, charitable organization based in Perth, Ontario who understands that to create the greatest impact, they must actively train, provide resources, and help others across Canada. For property owners, waterfront associations, and organizations concerned with the health of their lakes, rivers, and waterfront properties, Watersheds Canada provides practical and proven ways to restore deteriorating shoreline conditions and improve water quality over the long-term. Participants then can pass along that same expertise to others in their communities.

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