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Safe Access Review Around Mississippi Lake

Report by Chris Winters, MLA Roads Chair

At the latest meeting with the Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority (MVCA) on February 23,2024, the MLA was informed that the final Safe Road Access Report has been published on their web site.

Prior to this meeting the MLA had a chance to review the report and prepare for the

meeting. Unfortunately the report was considered final and the MLA did not have any opportunity to input or comment on the report to clarify a few points.

Areas of concern

The map detail does not include PIN addresses affected, as we had expected thus specific road sections at risk are not obvious and are difficult to understand. However the actual roads at risk are named in the report. The contact number for questions is at the very end of the report provided by Matt Craig from MVCA.

The diagram below, developed by the MLA, is an attempt to explain the various aspects of what constitutes safe roads by graphing road height against water levels to indicate the areas of concern.

Remember that just because a road is listed as being at risk, does not necessarily indicate there would be an issue with emergency services availability. The MVCA list of roads at risk simply indicates there are sections of the road that need work to be considered safe under unusual flood conditions.

The next step for the MLA will be to work with the municipalities to help mitigate these roads at risk. Since there are both municipal and private roads on the list, all parties will have an interest in co-operation.

In addition we will help the RAs explore possible sources of funding to explore which

sections of the roads need work and to rectify as many roads as possible.

We will have a lot more discussions on the ‘Safe Road Access’ issue at the MLA AGM on

June 22nd, but will continue to update you on our efforts to serve Mississippi Lake home owners.


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