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Private Road Equalization Payments - PREP

Road Associations face constant challenges to maintain their private roads, particularly in terms of snow removal and of course filling potholes.  Although waterfront property owners represent substantial tax revenue for the municipalities, none of these monies are spent on private roads. 


The Roads Committee will continue to consult with MLA Members with an aim of finding options for the MLA to push forward to the municipalities.


Private Roads Study Group Report - 2008

Private Roads Equalization Payment (PREP) - Oct 2018 Report


FOR BECKWITH TOWNSHIP ROAD ASSOCIATIONS:  the grant application deadline for 2019 is 4 October 2019

Here are the relevant documents you need to make an application:

Application Form

Road Grant Policy    (disregard the 2017 date on this policy; apply no later than 4 Oct 2019)

Results of FOCA 2019 Road Survey

Check out to see the results of FOCAs survey of Road Associations.

We are not alone in dealing with problems relating to living on a private road.


A major aspect of living on private roads is how to organize residents to share in the cost of maintaining the road.  This can become a very complicated and emotive issue if adequate steps are not taken in advance. Please visit the other sections of this article to see how the task can be made much easier.

Most of the time, residents achieve a certain degree of harmony, and the collection of dues or fees to pay for road maintenance progresses reasonably well.  This is greatly assisted if the residents have already developed and signed up to written guidelines or by-laws, and even more so if they have incorporated provincially or federally.  Those decisions must be made by the residents themselves, but without some formal pre-agreement on how to proceed, matters can become very disruptive.

All too often, when proper safeguards are not in place - indeed even when safeguards have been initiated - some reisidents might refuse to cooperate or comply.  What to do about that?  The recourse is not easy, particularly if there are no written agreements or laws to back up the remaining residents' position.  There are legal avenues to pursue, but they need effort and perseverence.  This CASE STUDY provides a great account of one organization's decision to proceed to small claims court to obtain legal satisfaction.  There are good lessons here for anybody living on a private road.

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