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Private Road Equalization Payments - PREP

Road Associations face constant challenges to maintain their private roads, particularly in terms of snow removal and of course filling potholes.  Although waterfront property owners represent substantial tax revenue for the municipalities, none of these monies are spent on private roads. 


The Roads Committee will continue to consult with MLA Members with an aim of finding options for the MLA to push forward to the municipalities.


Private Roads Study Group Report - 2008

Private Roads Equalization Payment (PREP) - Oct 2018 Report


Review the Minutes of the meeting with Road Associations on 8 Aug 2023 for an update on the status of PREP discussions with Beckwith and Drummond & North Helmsley Townships.

Results of FOCA 2019 Road Survey

Check out to see the results of FOCAs survey of Road Associations.

We are not alone in dealing with problems relating to living on a private road.

Safe Roads Access

We wish to keep you informed on our progress with the MVCA study on the Safe Roads Access Act.  Graham Whitelaw (MLA Municipal Relations Chair) and Chris Winter (MLA Private Roads Chair) had a meeting in Jun 2023 with the two key people at the MVCA reviewing the complete Mississippi Watershed flood control program.


The MVCA has committed to provide the MLA with a review of the affected roads around Mississippi Lake based on the Safe Roads policy. During this meeting they outlined the progress they have made on what data they will share with us.  Our original ask was to get a list of the roads affected by the policy in order to inform all our Road Associations of the status of their individual roads. To our delight we were informed that they are prepared to provide much more details about the affected roads right down to the PIN of each resident. What I can share right now is that there are 20 roads that are affected by the policy. 

You can view the Jun 2023 MVCA interim response to Safe Road Access, including answers to MLA's questions and a summary of  the technical criteria to determine safe access.


The MVCA is acutely aware of the implications of declaring a property as 'unsafe' access, and as such has recommended to us to delay their report to include a new dataset that will update their floodplain map. This dataset will allow them to give you the additional information of the actual depth of the roadway each PIN would have to meet to be declared 'Safe'.  They estimate it will take until the end of this year to complete the update and provide the MLA with the new information. We would ask for your patience to receive our report.

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