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The MLA has tried to maintain a close relationship over the years with the numerous Road Associations (RA) around the Lake.  This is the best way that the MLA can help the residents of the lake community in terms of representing their interests and advocating for them.   The support that MLA can provide becomes evident when major issues come to rise that affect a majority of residents and RAs. 


A good example is the introduction of a Private Road Equalization Payment (PREP) program by Beckwith Township following a concerted effort by MLA.  Other examples of major issues where the MLA can have a positive impact by helping to represent a large number of the community are fishing tournaments, boat safety, flooding, and safe road access on private roads.


On April 12, 2018 a town hall meeting was held with the representation of 45 concerned citizens from around Mississippi Lake regarding challenges with private roads. See the list of issues identified here

Creation of the Roads Committee

Following the 12 Apr 2018 meeting, the Board of Directors realized that the MLA could take a more formal and dedicated approach to engaging the community, in the hopes that closer ties would develop to enable problems to be tackled in a more coherent fashion.  On April 26, 2018 the inaugural meeting of the committee was held.  Richard Teahen was selected as the Chair and initially there was good interest in helping Richard develop a plan of action. 


On June 19, 2019 a second town hall was held.  See the agenda and meeting slides here.   This meeting served to highlight the new information posted to the website regarding how to create a Road Association, and to provide a report on the efforts to update the PREP program with Beckwith, and to determine the interest in approaching Drummond and North Helmsley township to launch a similar program.  Unfortunately, by early 2020 Richard could not continue in his role as Chair and volunteer interests had dropped off to the extent that the Committee was in danger of being disbanded.

Fortunately, Chris Winter joined the Board in 2020 and agreed to assume the role of Chair for the Roads Team (formerly the Committee).  Since AGM 2020, a rejuvinated effort has been made to connect with the RAs along two main thrusts:  (a) PREP program updates and improvements; and (b) Floodplain and Safe Road issues following the impact of 2021 floods.  The Team has also been hard at work engaging RAs by attending their AGMs and promoting membership in the MLA.

The Private Roads Committee in 2023

Chris is working hard on the issues highlighted above, but could use some help.  Like all volunteer organizations, the MLA is highly dependant on like-minded individuals joining our various Teams to further the aims of the Association. 


Please contact Chris Winter to get further information and hopefully join the team to help advance Private Road issues with our municipalities, MVCA, and other government departments,



Committee Terms of Reference

View the MLA Committee Policy here.

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