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Support the MLA !

Thank you for your interest in helping the MLA financially.  Your individual donation matters.  MLA is not a charity, so we cannot issue you a charitable receipt, but you will be contributing to our many activities in support of the health of Mississippi Lake.


Gifting is a simple two-step process:


1.    Fill out and submit this Form to let us know you have made a gift to us, and the method of payment you have chosen; then

2.   Send your payment in one of two ways:

a.  by email transfer to; or

b.  by cheque made out to the Treasurer, and mailed to:

Mississippi Lakes Association

P.O. Box 27, Carleton Place, ON


We do not use third party payment methods such as payPal and Credits Cards because we want all of your gift to go to the MLA and none of it lost to management or service fees.

How will you be sending your donation?
Are you happy for us to acknowledge your gift on our website?

Thank you for helping us make a difference!

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