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How to Join

There are two ways that you can become a member:

  1. if you are not part of a Road Association, apply directly to the MLA;

  2. if you are part of a Road Association:

  • apply directly to the MLA if your RA does not collect MLA membership dues from you; or

  • apply through your RA if it does collect your dues and sends it to MLA on your behalf.  See below to avoid being registered (and paying) twice, if the RA is collecting memberships on your behalf.

For a Road Association that wishes to become an MLA Member as an organization, apply directly to the MLA using the Membership Form, and identify the individual who will be your representative and will exercise your voting privileges at Members' meetings.

Please consult the full text of the Membership Policy for further details and guidance.

Directly to the MLA

This applies to individuals or organizations.  Please print and use this one the the following Forms to apply:

Membership Form for a one applicant
                       Membership Form for multiple applicants

Submit the application Form directly to the MLA by mail, email attachment, or even by hand to any of the Directors.  We will provide a receipt for any cash payments.  For organizations, the name to be used on the aplication form is the name of your authorized representative, which is usually your President but it could be any member of your RA.

E-mail payments are most welcome and should be sent to:
We need your name and address as a minimum, to register you as a member.  Although your email address is not required for membership, we would greatly appreciate also receiving this information to assist us in keeping you apprised of MLA activities. 

Via your Road Association

If your Road Association has decided to submit annual dues to the MLA on your behalf, you will be registered as a member provided that the MLA knows who you are!  Please ensure that your Road Association Representative submits your name and address along with the fee payment. 
Although your email address is not required for membership, we would greatly appreciate also receiving this information to assist us in keeping you apprised of Association activities.

Attention Road Association Representatives:

If you are the Representative of your Road Association, the MLA thanks you immensely for the work you are doing on our behalf.   We encourage Road Associations to continue supporting the MLA to give all our residents a stronger voice in the community.

Required Information

When submitting your Road Association's membership application, please include a list of names and addresses along with the appropriate funds.  Without a name and address, MLA is unable to comply with the Not-for-profit Corporations Act and therefore cannot issue a membership and the resident cannot vote at MLA Meetings.  Therefore, funds that are received but cannot be correlated to a name and address will be treated as a donation to the MLA.  The MLA takes privacy of contact information very seriously, as per our Privacy Policy.  Many Road Associations are using email transfers as a very convenient method of payment, and we encourage all to use this fast and easy option.

Discount for Road Associations

At the 2016 AGM, a Resolution was passed to recognize the good work that Road Associations could perform on behalf of the MLA in generating memberships.  The Resolution reads as follows:

IN CONSIDERATION: of the benefit provided to the MLA by Road Associations who undertake to register members and collect membership fees on behalf of the MLA, BE IT RESOLVED THAT: the MLA is prepared to recognize this effort provided that a Road Association achieves 100% participation in MLA membership from its members, AND if this condition is achieved, a Road Association may invoice the MLA for such services rendered, to a maximum amount of 25% of the total membership funds collected, whereupon the MLA will issue payment for the declared services rendered in support of MLA membership registration.

Note: for the purposes of this Resolution, "Road Association" includes: Road Association; Shore Association; Community Association; Property Owners Association, Rate Payers Association; or any similarly named organization.

For further detais, contact the MLA Treasurer.

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