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Property Permits

Do we love to build, add, change or modify! There is always a new project we dream about and hope to materialize one day. Depending upon the nature of your project however, you might need permits from your municipality, the Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority (MVCA), and the Ontario provincial authorities.

Municipalities have jurisdiction over zoning and building regulations within their boundaries. Below are the appropriate links to contact your municipality:

Beckwith Township also offers a handy Homeowner's Guide.

For waterfront properties where the lake environment might be affected by your project, the MVCA is your point of contact. In most cases, both the municipality and the MVCA will be involved in permit applications.  Please visit their excellent website for regulations and guidance on how to apply for permits.

Government of Ontario 

The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Fisheries (MNRF) has jurisdiction over water bodies  or shorelines for projects that entail water courses (rivers, lakes, wetlands), particularly if you intend altering or disturbing the lake bottom or shorelines. This is because river beds and lake bottoms are crown lands. Check their website to verify whether your project requires a permit.

Depending upon the particulars of your project, your municipality or the MVCA might also require an environmental assessment prior to issuing permits. Please consult the Ministry of the Environment (MOE) website for guidance.

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