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Sunrise, Sunset

The lake provides spectacular vistas any time of the day, but the wonderful gold and crimson hues at daybreak or at the end of another great day really are something to behold.

Matt Llott (2018)

Matt Llott (2018)

Matt Llott (2018)

Brenda Bennett - Sunrise from Rathwell Shore (2016)

Judy Wilson - Ebbs Bay shoreline of Big Lake (2015)

"The sunsets from our home are spectacular"

Marc Parent - Sunset from Beck's Shore (2016)

André Langlois - Rainbow over Code Bay at sunset (2015)

Anne Gourlay-Langlois - Late afternoon over Code Bay (2015)

Anne Gourlay-Langlois - Sunrise from Rathwell Shore (2015)

Anne Gourlay-Langlois - Sunset from Rathwell Shore (2015)

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