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Volunteer with the MLA

Are you looking for something interesting to do....

If you only have a limited amount of time or if you want to get involved in the running of the MLA there are opportunities for you to get involved.  The MLA depends of volunteers to make things happen around the lake.  Whether it is looking after the cautionary buoys,

obtaining water quality samples, or counting loons it is fun to get out on the water with your neighbours and do something to help.

Environment Committee/Team:


  • If you are interested in maintaining high water quality to sustain a healthy natural environment, supporting the use & enjoyment by residents & visitors and to maintain a healthy & diverse ecosystem, including a healthy fishery...

  • If you are interested in helping to maintain the Environment Section on the MLA Website...

  • If you are interested in identifying and helping to reduce invasive plant species (the MLA conducts annual inventory surveys of Invasive Aquatic Plants in Mississippi Lake)...

  • Contact the Environment Committee



If you are interested in Loons, the Mississippi Valley Field Naturalists (MVFN), assisted by MLA volunteers, conducts annual Loon Surveys on Lake Mississippi. You can help by recording loon observations or providing boat transportation for MVFN volunteers.  Contact or Nick de Boer’s our MVFN liaison for more info.


Boating & Recreation Committee/Team:


If you are interested in helping out with the marker buoy program, whether helping to deploy them in the Spring or recover them in the Fall, or serving as a buoy spotter (in case any go astray during the boating season)...

Contact the Boating and Recreation Committee.

Communications Committee/Team:


If you enjoy creating visual content, attending events and talking to people about the lake or working with our advertisers, we'd love to hear from you.

Contact the Communications Committee.

Roads Committee/Team:


There are some 35 different "shores" around Mississippi Lake, many of which are accessed via private roads.  If you are interested in gathering information and learning all about issues involving living on private roads...

Contact the Roads Committee

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