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Wildlife Around Mississippi Lake

While just  a few kilometers from urban civilization, Mississippi Lake is home to thousands of species of creatures of the air, the land and the water.  Lake residents talk about hearing the call of the loon in the evening, watching the majestic flight of the great blue heron or the breathtaking soaring of the bald eagle.  The lake, in its natural state, with its many wetlands, supports a rich bio-system for fish, birds and animals - what we might call, "the balance of nature".

In the natural world, populations rise and fall, following the laws of cause and effect.  A rise in lake temperature results in an environment that is more hospitable to bass than pickerel or walleye.  A decline in the numbers of small fish affects the numbers of loon, cormorant and heron.  A cold winter with abundant snow threatens the survival of

the deer population. 


When we introduce civilization into the equation, we compound the natural order. Each time we hear the loon or watch the eagle soar, let's remind ourselves of our responsibility to limit the impact we have on their environment.  What's best for them is also best for us.

More information about this real wildlife:

Bear-Wise: From the Province of Ontario and the OPP


The lake is home to a great variety of birds.  We thank the Mississippi Valley Field Naturalists (MVFN), who have compiled a great list of our birds, including photos and notes about each.  Let us know if you spot any different species, and please send us your photographs of those you spot out there!

Wildlife Photography

Whether out in the boat or out for a walk.  Take your camera with you; there's a lot going on out there.  When shooting wildlife pictures, best results come from a SLR camera with a telephoto lens. 


Note:  when attempting to photograph loons, particularly with young, be smart and do not approach.  Use your long lens and shoot from a distance.  Here are some samples from our contributors.


For more wildlife photos, visit our Photo Gallery

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