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Your Mississippi Minute  e-Newsletter

Our electronic newsletter, the YMM, is published seven times each year.  The first issue was on 5 September 2015, and as of 18 December 2021, we are at edition number 46 and still going strong.


The YMM is delivered to our subscribers by email using MailChimp.  This provides a very secure method since our subscriber email addresses are fully protected and are not to be shared with anybody else.   Our subscriber list has been growing steadily over the years, and as of Jun 2023 we have 638 subscribers!

Subscribe to the YMM by visiting this link and providing your contact information.


You are most welcome to submit comments, photos, and story ideas to the Editor for consideration in future YMM editions.


Back issues of the YMM are available on the MailChimp Archives website or by contacting us at

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