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Annual General Meetings (AGM)

Thank you to our Members who participated in the 2021 AGM, whether by Zoom or by proxy.  Thank you also to our guest participants for their interest in the MLA.


The date of the 2022 AGM will be published in January 2022.

Meeting in 2021


The 2021 Annual General Meeting was held on 20 May 2021.  Because of the continuing COVID-19 pandemic, this meeting was again held as a hybrid meeting, using Zoom videoconferencing software.  With a year's experience in conducting meetings by Zoom, the Board was comfortable to once more permit the public to attend.  There was a total of 25 participants via Zoom, consisting of 17 Members and 8 guests.  A further 15 Members submitted proxies, giving a very good attendance level.


2021 AGM DRAFT Minutes
Boating and Rec. Committee Report
Roads Committee Report

Available in the near future:

​Previous meetings

Archived AGM and SGM documents are retained as official records of the MLA.  Copies may be obtained by mailing or emailing a request to the MLA Secretary.

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