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Annual General Meetings (AGM)

The Annual General Meeting took place on 21 May 2020


Because of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, the AGM was held as a hybrid meeting, using Zoom videoconferencing software.  There was a total of twelve participants via Zoom and 18 proxies were designated, to give a very reasonable attendance under the circumstances. 

The hybrid format proved to be very versatile and convenient.  The Board of Directors will consider this method for future Board and Members' meetings if the usual face-to-face meetings prove impracticable to convene.


a.   the 20219 AGM Minutes were approved

b.  the 2019 SGM  Minutes were approved

c.  Dave Duncan and Anne Gourlay-Langlois were re-elected as Directors

d.  Chris Winter volunteered to become a Director and was elected

            Welcome to the Board, Chris!

e.   the Board will investigate options for a Financial Review for FY 20/21

f.    the Budget for FY 20/21 was approved








DRAFT Minutes of the 2020 AGM will be posted in the near future

​Meetings in 2019

The 2019 Annual General Meeting took place on 23 May 2019. The guest speaker was Sally McIntyre, General Manager of MVCA.

A Special 2019 General Meeting was held on 11 July 2019 to amend the 2019/2020 budget that had previously been approved at the 2019 AGM. The purpose of the amendment was to permit the purchase of a new motor for the Miss L. A. boat, an expenditure not anticipated at the time of the AGM. The Resolution to amend the budget was passed unanimously.

​Previous meetings

Archived AGM and SGM documents are retained as official records of the MLA.  Copies may be obtained by mailing or emailing a request to the MLA Secretary.

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