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MLA Committees

Communications Committee


Manages the communications activities of the MLA. It shares information among its members and supporters using the various media (website, e-newsletters, email and Facebook). The Committee also coordinates outreach, advocacy and revenue generation activities for the MLA,, and liaises with the other Committees to ensure coherent and accurate messaging.  Request further info at:


Environmental Committee


Advocates for the environmental health of the lake. It develops and coordinates MLA environmental activities and programs in support of the Lake Plan. The Committee liaises with the Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority (MVCA) and other partners in developing, promoting and delivering programs. Finally, it acts as custodian for, and coordinate the use of, the MLA drone.  Request further info at:

Boating and Recreation Committee


Manages the Cautionary Buoy program and acts as custodian for the MLA boat and associated equipment. It also coordinates the use of the MLA boat. The Committee also develops and coordinates information regarding recreational activities available in or around the lake.  Request further info at:

Private Roads Committee

Develops information packages and programs in support of the Private Road Associations around Mississippi Lake. It coordinates and shares information regarding various aspects of living on private roads.  Request further info at:

Municipal Relations Committee

Liaises with the four municipal governments around Mississippi Lake to increase their awareness of the MLA and its activities. It seeks participation and cooperation from these governments for MLA programs and activities affecting their municipalities.  Request further info at:

Fundraising Committee


Coordinates efforts to raise funds in support of MLA activities.  The six major sources of revenue for the MLA are: (a) membership dues from individuals and Road Associations; (b) donations from in dividuals and Road Associations; (c) municipal contributions; (d) advertising; (e) sponsorships; and (f) Grants.  Request further info at:

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