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Policy & Benefits

Membership Policy

Who can be a member?

Any individual who is interested in the objectives of the MLA and wishes to support our various activities is most welcome to join the Association as a member.  There is no limit to the number of individuals who live at the same address - each person 18 years of age or older can join the MLA.


How long is a membership term?

You can apply to become a member at any time during the year, and your membership will be good for one full year.  For example, if your membership starts on 17 July in a given year, it will be good until 16 July the following year.  Your membership term will start the day MLA receives your name and fee payment.    


What is the membership fee?

The fee is determined by a vote of the members at the Annual General Meeting in late May every year.  The new fee then comes into effect on 1 June, and remains in effect until the next AGM and budget presentation.  The current fee is $10 per membership.


The membership fee has been set at $10 ever since 2013.  This fee is the same whether you register directly with the MLA, or via your Road Association.  The MLA Executive has strived to maintain as low a membership cost as practicable.  However, depending upon the expected revenue from membership, and the intended activities for an upcoming year, it might be necessary from time to time to recommend to the members a different fee.


Membership renewal

To avoid lapses in your membership, please note the expiry date of your membership and forward the necessary fee for renewal ahead of time.  We don't want to lose you as a member!  The MLA will post notices on the website and by e-mail at regular times during the year to remind members to renew their memberships.

Membership Benefits

You benefit directly as a member:

  • voting privileges at the Annual General Meetings or any Special Meeting of the MLA;

  • the MLA is working towards obtaining discounts for members at local businesses;

  • the new website will soon have a Member's Portal for additional features available to members only.


You benefit from the activities that the MLA can undertake with your financial support:

  • you get a Voice at municipal meetings and with government agencies, as the MLA represents a great number of like-minded citizens;

  • you get a great hazard buoy program that helps keep our boaters safe on the lake; and

  • you get access to our Newsletter (we need your email address for this) to keep you informed of lake news and activities.