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The MLA has been a proponent of safe water activities on Mississippi Lake for years and has promoted safe water practices through their website and social media presence. In recent years, the number of boats and personal watercraft (PWC) on the Lake has increased. This was especially noticeable during the 2020 season.


Combined with increased traffic on the Lake, there was also a noticeable increase in unsafe boating activities. Many property owners on the Lake have expressed concern with this increase and the MLA shares that concern. To that end, the MLA has created the Water Safety Initiative project as a means to increase public awareness, increase safety measures being used on the lake and generally, to create a safer environment for all those who use our Lake for recreational activities.

The Issues

boat safe.jpeg
  • Boat and PWC speed

  • Boat and PWC noise levels

  • Unsafe boating practices

    • People on watercraft without PFDs

    • Overloading of boats

    • Boats towing skiers/’pull alongs’ without both diver and spotter on board

    • PWC towing water-toys with too many people aboard

    • Unsafe activity involving alcohol, refueling, navigation, age limits, safety gear and weather

    • Boating at night without lights

  • Docks

    • Extending beyond 15 feet into the lake without appropriate marking

    • Separate boat lifts and swimming platforms out in the lake without reflective markings or lights

  • Swimmers

    • Without PFDs

    • Without spotters/buddies

    • Out in middle of lake without a spotter/buddy or without high visibility markings

Water Safety - What is on our Radar


As a follow-on from the webinar hosted a few years ago the MLA has engaged in the following activities to keep the importance of water safety on the front burner.

  • As a member of the Safe Quiet Lakes/Decibel Coalition we have been following the progress of discussions with the Transport Canada to enact legislation to control boat noise. 

  • A safe boating card and buoy map has been produced to remind boaters of safety regulations.  Cards are available at some boat launches and local marine shops

  • The MLA follows various fora of Transport Canada dealing with recreational boating and will post relevant information.

  • Maintaining contact with the OPP on water safety issues.


What's on our Radar?
Water Safety Card
WSI Postcard.jpeg
WSI Postcard 1.jpeg
Supporting Material
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