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Our Organization

The MLA was formed to represent the interests of the residents of our lake community.  It is an all-volunteer, not-for-profit organization.  The Board of Directors is elected by the members in accordance with our By-law, and the Directors then elect the Officers of the MLA.

Board of Directors

The MLA Board of Directors consists of MLA members in good standing, 18 years of age or older, who have been duly nominated and elected by the membership of the Association at an Annual General Meeting.  The term of service for a Director is two years.  There is no limit to the number of terms that a Director may serve.  A minimum of five and a maximum of nine Directors are permitted under the Articles of the Association.

The Directors appoint from their number the Officers of the Association to manage the day-to-day affairs of the MLA as directed by the Board.  The Officers of the Association form the Executive Committee of the MLA and are: the President; the Vice-President; the Secretary; and the Treasurer.

MLA Director - job description

Nomination and Election Procedures

Rules of Conduct - Board meetings

MLA Board of Directors for 2022-2023


Rob Bell                              

Doreen Donald

Doreen Donald

Andre Langlois                 

Steve Hall

Brian Smith 

Chris Winter

Graham Whitelaw





Environment Chair


Treasurer, effective 1 Nov 22

​Boating and Recreation Chair

Private Roads Chair

Municipal Relations Chair


Anne Gourlay-Langlois was elected as a Director at the 2022 AGM, but submitted her resignation from the Board effective 1 Nov 2022.  This has created a vacancy on the Board, which can be filled with a suitable candidate at the discretion of the Board, in accordance with By-law 4.5.   The term of service of any replacement so chosen will expire at the 2023 AGM.

Former Directors and Officers


The MLA By-law does not provide for "emeritus" status for past members of the Board of Directors.   However, the Board feels that it is most appropriate to recognize the time, effort, and overall dedication on the part of "those that came before us".  Accordingly, please see below for our honour roll of past Presidents and Directors since MLA incorporation in 2002.

Past Presidents

Vern Runnels

Frank Mills

Guy Charron

Peter Elliott

Past Directors

Anne Gourlay-Langlois

Lynn Bell

Bob Demerath

Ross Button

Henk de Jong

Dave Duncan

Richard Teahen

Melissa Dakers

Carolyn Bredin

Stewart Robertson

Jim Tye

Joanna Luciano

Dave Hands

David du Feu

Bryan Edwards

Ed Carew

Jo Ellen Beattie

John Coburn

John Miller

Lorna Drummond

Patricia Drennan

Charlie White

Chris Winter

Jim Jenkins

Kim Anderson

Guy Charron

Margaret McEwen

Rick Kwissa

Gary Patterson

Donna Nesbitt

Board of Directors
Current Board Members

Committees or Teams


Until May 2015, the affairs of the Association were managed by a single committee, which was the Executive Committee.  However, with the launching of the Mississippi Lake Plan in 2015, it became evident that a more elaborate management structure would be required.  As a result, three new Committees were struck, each empowered to act in accordance with its terms of references.  Two other Committees were later struck to address private road issues and to focus on the MLA's relationship with the four municipalities around the lake.  All Committees report to the Executive Committee on a regular basis for further guidance and direction.  A Director is appointed as Chair of each Committee.

The MLA currently has five standing 5 committees/Teams:



Boating and Recreation

Private Roads

Municipal Relations

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