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Lake Water Levels

The above chart provides a weekly 'snapshot' of water levels on Mississippi Lake.


During periods of rapid change in water levels (spring runoff or severe storms) the chart may be updated at more frequent intervals. Throughout most of the year, the levels should track within the target range (black lines). During the spring runoff, there is no target range due to the variability in timing of spring melt and ice conditions.  Through most of the summer we would expect to see a gradual decline in levels (within the target range).

Historical Data:  this is the data used to compile the above chart, updated to 2018, provided in tabular and chart format.

The Mississippi Lake water level chart is produced by MLA, using information gathered by the Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority (MVCA).  Here are direct links to the MVCA website for additional information regarding the entire Mississippi River Watershed:


FLOOD WARNING information.  It is important to note that severe storms, with subsequent heavy rainfall, may result in fairly rapid increases in water levels.  Consult the MVCA for detailed information and guidance regarding flooding conditions;

Water Levels elsewhere in the Watershed. MVCA tracks lake levels and stream flow throughout the watershed. 


Mailing Lists to subscribe directly to MVCA for information regarding a variety of topics.

Notes for 2020

1 June 2020


25 May 2020


18 May 2020


11 May 2020


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27 Jan 2020

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13 Jan 2020

10 Jan 2020

6 Jan 2020

Levels have dropped to 134.24 MASL.


Levels are steady at 134.35 MASL.


Levels have come up a bit with last week's rain, now at 134.35 MASL.


Levels are slowly dropping, now at 134.31 MASL.


MVCA Water Safety Statement

Level are slowly dropping, now at 134.38 MASL.


Levels are still dropping, now at 134.44 MASL.


MVCA Water Conditions Statement

Levels are slowly droping; now at 134.64 MASL.


Levels are dropping; now at 134.74 MASL.


Ice-out date for Lake Mississippi, except for a lingering patch in Ebbs Bay

MVCA Flood Watch Statement

Levels are rising with the Spring freshet; now at 134.85 MASL.


MVCA Flood Watch Statement

Lake levels steady at 134.58 MASL. 


Lake levels up a bit more, now at 134.58 MASL.


MVCA Flood Outlook Update Statement

Lake Levels are up sharply, now at 134.49 MASL.


NEW MVCA Water Conditions Statement


Lake levels are starting to rise with the spring freshet; now at 134.12 MASL.


Lake levels have increased a bit, now at 134.06 MASL.


Lake levels are holding at 134.03 MASL.


Lake level has dropped to 134.03 MASL.


MVCA Water Safety Statement


The lake level has dropped to 134.06 MASL.


Flows have dropped to 134.15 MASL, near normal for this time of year.


Flows have dropped to 134.31 MASL.

Flows are rising rapidly and the lake level is very high for this time of year.

The lake level is now at 134.42 MASL. 

Flows at Ferguson Falls (into the Lake) and Appleton (out of the Lake) are very high for this time of year:

Ferguson Falls:        121.6 m3/s                   normal: 38.9 m3/s

Appleton                   111.0 m3/s                   normal: 30.0 m3/s

MVCA Flood Outlook Statement 


Water levels are up significantly; not surprising with all the rain on the weekend. Levels now at 134.34 MASL  See also the MVCA Flood Outlook Statement

MVCA Water Safety Statement

A new year and a new chart. Levels are stable at 134.18 MASL.